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Travel Tips

• Carry all your essentials in the bag, but try keeping it lighter.
• Wear cotton clothes in summer, avoiding synthetic ones as they will keep you breathless.
• Wear sun glasses in summers, sweaters & light jackets in winters and rain coat & umbrellas in rainy season.
• Sun screen lotions to be must in your bag.
• Also carry a sewing kit, pocket knife, torch, spare batteries, neck pillow, eye patches and a good first aid kit.
• Carrying delicate fabrics is not a good option if you are staying in a budget class hotel.

• Carry your passport, traveler’s cheques, money, cards etc. in an inner shirt/jeans pocket. Better still; shove them in a hidden money belt against your skin. You can then dance around pickpockets and yet be safe. The worst thing to do is to carry them in a zippy bag hung over the shoulders. You will never know when someone just slips it out. The fanny bags or waist packs spell 'money' to pickpockets and make you an easy prey to swoop on. You cannot escape their nimble fingers and sharp razors.

• You can travel through many modes of transport available- cycle rickshaws, Tongas, buses, trains, cars, planes but always confirm the rate to be charged or ask them the fare conversion tariff card.

• Never buy rail/air tickets and hotel rooms through touts, they maigh cheat you. Always go to a Approved Travel Agent.

• Get you domestic tickets and hotel room booked well in advance as in the peak season there is a great rush, so you may not face any discomfort later.

• Beware of pickpockets at crowded haunts like airports, railway station, markets and tourist spots.

• Avoid self driving as it is risky. If you still opt to take precaution for stray animals that walk around, in the night truck drivers can be rash. Also carry a spare can of petrol/diesel.